How did I lose a Ten Thousand Dollars Investment in an Online Marketing Business?

How did I lose a Ten Thousand Dollars Investment in an Online Marketing Business?


Hello, My Name is Mark Smith
I’m writing you from Silicon Valley, the Tech Capital of
the US… and Mecca for Startups and New Ideas.


This blog is about how I lost 10 thousand dollars in an online marketing business. And how that loss lead me down a better business path.


There it was, “10,000 Dollars”, in the negative column of my bank statement. “I frowned,” then smiled, because now, I had clarity…Nevertheless, remember this! If something sounds too perfect, that’s your cue to investigate. Caveat Emptor “Buyer Beware.”


The Boiler Machine


Ever heard this sales pitch? We have a revolutionary product or service that is cutting edge and is the wave of the future.


One such opportunity was presented to me not too long ago. The Rep’s description of the Company’s product model was beautiful. You could keep your regular job, do this in your spare time, follow their simple business plan, and start making money “Wow”…what an offer, I thought!


The organization excelled in its presentation of its product line and services. They were excellent at making me feel like they were there for the ordinary person just trying to get ahead.


Sounds good, right? I’m afraid not, “and I’m not talking about a tied rope”!


The promise of easy money was the bait, and my desire for a better life made me the perfect traffic target. They promised the availability of mentorship programs, coaching, and a team of professionals that would almost guarantee my success. “excellent right”…”keep reading”.

Fiction Verse Non-Fiction

So, here’s the trick, after I purchased their program, I had about three months of videos and materials that needed to be studied, learned, and implemented to create an operational sales funnel.


Their guarantee was 30 days!  See the problem!


It was an Affiliate Marketing Business, and the owner was a well-known figure in the industry and is still active in the business sector today.


Things were not as they said or as easy as they advertised. And per contract, the team of professionals promised me was as hard to find as a cat in a dog house.

And to say I was worried would be an understatement! 

I had invested thousands of dollars in this business and had nothing to show for it. The self-criticism was grievous and exacting as I searched high and low to understand what I was doing wrong.


Drowning in a sea of product questions, I was bogged down, and I wasn’t getting anywhere. with the business. Disillusioned, I began to question my new partnership, which led me to investigate their methods practices, and reputation.


And it didn’t take long before I had my answers; answers I hoped weren’t true. There were minor indications that all was not well with this company…so I dug deeper, and the deeper I dug, the more serious the accusations became.


Previous members had questioned its legitimacy and had complained about slow to no cash refunds, “and for the first time”, I see the word scammers. Like a deflated balloon, I collapse back into my chair, “floored by this new revelation”…” how could I have missed this.” My worse fear was just confirmed.


Stunned yet determined, I doubled down on my efforts in an attempt to salvage something out of this highway robbery. A moral crime that had taken my time and money.


Still, after nine months of slaving over all their poorly written materials and fighting to get the services promised, I gave up on the program.


And shortly after that, amidst multiple complaints, eventually, this Company changed its name. And no longer do business under its original title. “I wonder why!”


But a strange thing happened during my search for answers; I reasoned that the loss of 10 Grand wasn’t the real problem, because the investment represented my earnest attempt to make this business venture work, “which was a good thing”.


You can’t go through life expecting your financial situation to change without taking chances along

the way…and I had a platinum visa card that made this possible.


So this was a sweet and sour pill…on one hand, I had my buy-in money…but now, I was thousands of dollars in debt!


However, life experience has taught me one thing; every time I have invested in Higher Education, Land, or Houses, it has always paid for itself and sometimes 10 or 20 times over. And the right business represents an acceptable risk.


So, was this a loss or something else?


Sometimes we measure our losses or wins, in x’s or o’s, or defeats or success, “but in reality,” if we learn from our failures, it’s in shades of progress, zero percent gain, twenty percent gain, or whatever the said piece of knowledge means to the progress of the business…And that indeed was true for this investment.


While searching for answers, and digging through some of my worthless sales materials…a ray of light flashed in my mind…like the sun dispelling the blackness of a dark room; and an epiphany developed and my attitude changed toward this issue.


An idea flashed for a second…then it was gone.


It was the feeling you get when you partially remember something, not yet recalled….”I stopped dead in my tracks” and tried referencing my every thought, or conversation related to the issue  ” then it hit me”!


A  Crystal clear thought rose from the depths of my memory  “I was looking at this all wrong.”


I was preoccupied with what I had lost versus what I gained!


Insight…Sweet Insight!


The value of one good lesson learned in an online marketing business, can’t be overestimated! “this marketplace is numbered in Billions”.


And I had gleaned a valuable piece of knowledge from this experience, and no matter how much money I had lost, this organization was right about a few things.


Online businesses are the new sales engine of the future! And great riches await those that endure and apply laser-focused sales techniques at specific targeted groups.


Their concepts were sound, their reasoning was good, and their vision of the future marketplace was not far-fetched. However, this company was more theory than practical and was missing several vital components…components essential to newcomers in the industry. I needed  a complete turn-key organization “lacking nothing.”


Nevertheless, this new revelation was a big part of the puzzle that clarified my direction and next step, which was to find a better partnership to achieve my goals.


The type of cooperative that understands the needs of its partners and understands the New Sales Market Place.


As mentioned, I believe that this new sale system will make some very rich and produce billionaires conservatively with the right formula one day!


Remember, the internet has only been in the public sector for about forty years, and that’s a microcosm compared to how sales were carried out for hundreds if not thousands of years.


We are Cyberspace Explorers working on the New Frontier of the Sales Industry, sitting on the brink of a colossal Business Sector shift


And the new Masters are poised to replace the old Guard! The thorn is ripe for the taking “are you ready.”?


Sitting at my kitchen table as I pondered my situation, an internal voice spoke as loud as a bull horn.


Ware, do you want to be vested when this market explodes!


The direction of the marketplace is no longer traditional, with established big names companies, with expensive overhead. But, it’s driven by individuals or multiple small organizations with less overhead, just like you and me.


When this new market climaxes “and it will!”…those positioned well will have the wind behind their sails and reap the benefits of getting in early.


But, late starters will probably miss the momentum and a massive wave of money with it. But in some cases, it’s better late than never.


Yes, there will always be those super large organizations and big-box stores. Still, eventually, if not already, they will be working in conjunction with this New Breed of Sales Entrepreneur, trailblazing Cyberspace.


Here are a few facts! According to Statista; as of January 2021, There are 4.66 Billion Internet Users in the world today, which are potential customers, “so we are in the right place.”  And with the power of your typical PC…if we can tap into a small fraction of that, we will be well on our way to living the lifestyle we deserve.


Nevertheless, one should exercise prudence when choosing Business Associates, Data Banks, or any Organization you plan on conducting business with. A Ten Thousand Dollar lesson I had to learn the hard way!


Moving forward, I created a six-step checklist below and applied it to another Affiliate Marketing Organization with fantastic results. I have gotten further with this Company in two weeks than my previous nine months failed venture. Where were they years ago!


And the good thing is…they are a complete turn-key business!


Needless to say, I’m delighted with my present experience, and I shall keep you posted on my progress. In closing, If you’re interested in this organization, get a free book on who they are, their services, and products.




Do your research.

(1) Look for Customer Reviews, which have Purchased the Product.


(2) Get Reviews from Different Sources.


(3) Question Company Reviews on their website, Companies have a vested interest in looking their very best…” this is an area ripe for fraud.”


(4) Try and find out if the organization has ever operated under a different name. It could be for various reasons, but some could be nefarious, “like trying to escape a bad Reputation, or labeled as a Scammer.”


(5) Hit the road running, and exercise every option promise to you, within the guarantee period, to evaluate if the said company can deliver the promised services and at what speed & quality.


(6) Credit Card the purchase of any program; that way, you have some control over a refund if the elements of the contract are violated.


Have you ever been a victim of fraud?

Or have you invested in a sure thing and lost it all?

Or had a similar experience, to mines;

and if so, please share with us, what happened and what you learned from it?


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Thanks for reading my blog

Mark Smith


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